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The best topical medicine for nail fungus. NailPure by Dr. Silverberg

I’m very proud to announce that my new topical medicine for nail fungus is finally being produced.

After over eighteen months of working with my chemists to formulate the product and trials on patients, the final product was delivered recently.

My new nail fungus topical medication is called NailPure by Dr. Silverberg (Click for more info and to purchase online).

The main ingredient, Tolnaftate, has been around for decades for the treatment of dermtophytes (fungus that live on skin, nails and hair). The unique thing about NailPure is the vehicle that allows the Tolnaftate to penetrate into the nail. This multiple oil vehicle is what makes NailPure so special and the best topical anti fungal on the market.

The term vehicle, when used to describe mediations reefers to the inactive ingredients that allows the medication to be delivered to the site where it is needed. In this case, the primary ingredients in the vehicle are jojoba oil, tea tree oil and manuka tree oil. There are also other oils in the vehicle but these three are the most important.

I’ll describe each of these three oils here but if you want more information about the rest of them, see www.NailPure.com

Jojoba oil is the most plentiful ingredient of the oils. The chemical structure of this oil allows it to move between the keratin cells that make up the hard nail plate. This allows the tolnaftate, which is emulsified in it, to also penetrate the nail, delivering it in the nail where the fungus resides instead of just depositing it on the nail surface like other topical antifungals.

The next most plentiful oil is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil also helps the tolnaftate to penetrate into the nail in the same manner as jojoba oil, but it also has its own anti fungal properties. Natural tea tree oil has been used for centuries (at least) for treatment of infections, long before modern medicine has been around.  In my eleven years of private practice podiatry in NYC I have see many patients have improved their nail fungus using tea tree oil. In fact, I always say that tea tree oil is best ‘home remedy’ for nail fungus.

The next natural oil in NailPure is Manuka tree oil. I’ll admit I had never heard of manuka tree oil until I started doing research to produce my own topical nail fungus treatment. Like tea tree oil, Manuka tree oil comes from a small tree in Australia. And, like tea tree oil, manuka tree oil has been used by locals for centuries in the treatment of infections. In studies manuka tree oil was found to be more than ten times more potent and effective than tea tree oil treatment.

The last ingredient I’ll tell you about today is one that is neither anti fungal nor part of the vehicle. It’s acetic acid, aka ethanoic acid. Acetic acid may sound familiar to you. Acetic acid is the main ingredient in vinegar. It is what gives vinegar its characteristic smell and taste. Why would I put ‘salad dressing’ in my new topical anti fungal? hold on to that question for one more moment.

One of the home remedies that I hear patients tell me about often is soaking your feet in vinegar for nail fungus. I’m sorry to report that this alone will not cure your nail fungus, however, acetic acid does have one property that is advantageous in the treatment of nail fungus.

Acetic acid acts is a natural whitener of nails. That’s right, it can actually cause the nail to look more white and clear. One of the symptoms of nail fungus is yellowing, darkening, clouding and discoloration of nails.

As one of ingredients in NailPure, acetic acid helps with the discoloration of nails. I’ve found that this is the first thing patients report back to me when staring NailPure. Their nails actually start to look better long before the fungus is being killed. I find this helps in patient compliance and continued application of the product as patients are excited to start seeing improvement, and excited to continue to use the product. Acetic acid use in antifungal medicine is a unique characteristic of NailPure when compared to other topical antifungals.

That’s enough writing about the fabulous ingredients in NailPure, now let me tell you about the exciting results I’ve been seeing.

As I indicated above, I have been using NailPure on my patients for about a year and half. For the fist six months, the first few formulas we tried worked well, but not quite as good as the more recent ones over the past year. Finally, I found the combination of ingredients and ratios that produced great results. This is the final secret formula that makes up new NailPure!

Although the acetic in NailPure works very quickly to start whitening the nail, the true anti fungal effect takes many months to work. This is because it is dependent on the new nail growing in clear and pushing out the old infected nail as it grows. This process is dependent on how fast individuals nails grow, but is usually six to twelve months for the toenails and six to nine months for the fingernails.

Additionally, I now always combine NailPure with my laser nail fungus treatments and oral medications for nail fungus.

Try NailPure today!


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