Lawrence Silverbergthe Internet home of Drs. Emanuel Sergi and Lawrence Silverberg, the most compassionate and skilled foot doctors in the New York City Metro area and the country.

Dr. Silverberg is Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. Our office is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan near Grand Central Station.

We take great pride in providing excellent medical care along with great bedside manner and take the extra time to explain your problems and the treatment options in detail.

At City Footcare we treat all problems related to the foot and ankle. We use state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

The doctors believe in patient education, and patient participation in their care. We take pride in spending time with our patients and listening to them. Our patients never feel rushed. We also take the time to explain patients’ problems in detail and spell out explicit treatment plans.

When your problem requires surgery, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of competent and highly trained surgeons. Drs. Sergi and Silverberg have been called the best foot surgeons in NYC and the best bunion surgeons in NYC. The doctors perform all foot and ankle surgery including traditional open surgery, minimally invasive surgery, laser surgery, radio frequency surgery and extra-corporeal shock wave therapy. Drs. Sergi and Silverberg are experts in all aspects of foot surgery. They are very detail oriented from start to finish. A good surgical outcome starts prior to entering the operating room. After expertly diagnosing patients’ conditions, they plan out the procedures with great skill. In the operating room they are skillful and precise. They also take into consideration aesthetics with incision planning and plastic surgery type suturing techniques.

They are hospital and surgery center affiliated.

To resolve all of your foot and ankle problems, simply look around this site and make an appointment with Drs. Sergi and Silverberg today. Your feet will be glad you did!

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Celebrity Podiatrist

Best podiatrist New York City is now Best podiatrist in Los Angeles, at least for a few celebrities…

I am happy and proud to announce that my humble New York City Podiatry Group is sought after from people from all over the country.

Recently, myself and my associate doctors, have treated and operated on a number of celebrity patients. Obviously, I cannot disclose names but I’ll tell you we’ve treated a number of television stars, movie stars, talk show stars, radio stars, and news reporters; both on air and behind the scenes.

Best Podiatrist Los Angeles Celebrity Podiatrist 01While it is exciting to be a ‘Celebrity Podiatrist’, we treat all of our patients like celebrities and with respect. We appreciate the trust they put in us.

Almost daily I get podiatry questions from this blog, from people all over the world. Many people book travel to NYC in order for me to treat them and operate on them. I often do surgery on people who spend three to four weeks here in NYC recovering.

In the past decade of practice (actually over 12 years) I have treated many ‘high profile’ patients including: actors and actresses, reporters, celebrities, scientists, inventors, diplomats, radio personalities, professional and amateur athletes, professional wrestlers, CEOs, other doctors, attorneys, authors and many other interesting people.

My current patients will agree that I get to know my patients. I pride myself on being knowledgeable about many subjects. I often talk about many personal matters with my patients during their podiatric visits. I really enjoy getting to know people and learning from them.

My brother and I always joke about how different out medical practices are. My brother is an emergency medicine doctor at a large level one trauma center in Brooklyn. A very different environment than my fancy Madison Avenue office. He fixes people, and sends them out on their way and usually never sees them again. I, on the other hand, enjoy getting to know my patients and often build a long lasting relationship with them. I really enjoy this part of my practice.

Thank you to all my current patients for making my practice successful, and I look forward to meeting the rest of you.

Lawrence Silverberg

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