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Greetings!  We started this blog to talk about foot problems.

As a podiatrist in New York City (NYC) we get to see so many diverse foot problems.  The name of the blog came from our Google Analytics.  The most searched term to find us on Google has been “Best Podiatrist NYC”.  So, being humble, we cannot take credit for the title completely.  Below is a screenshot of last week’s Google Analytics for our website www.cityfootcare.com: (Click any picture to enlarge).


What we would like to do is present actual cases of our patients that come in.  (Names withheld of course.)  Every day we see the usual common problems like plantar fasciitis (heel pain), neuromas (nerve pain), ingrown toe nails, nail fungus (onychomycosis), tendonitis, joint pain, fractures, bunions, hammertoes, arthritis, joint dislocations, soft tissue injuries, tendon tears, ligament tears (strains and sprains), and many other common foot problems.  Additionally, everyday more obscure pathologies come in that challenge our diagnostic abilities.  We do x-rays, ultrasounds, fluoroscopy and MRI’s.

Every Friday we do foot surgery.  This is the most rewarding part of our job.  Here, we get to use our mechanical ability to go in there and fix things.  Prior to going to medical school we did carpentry work in order to pay for University.  We am really good with our hands and tools.  We are able to think analytically and visualize the anatomy in three dimensions.  We love to modify and refine old procedures as they apply to each individual’s unique pathology in our surgeries.  We like to think that our surgical abilities are truly a gift and we love to teach our residents to be better surgeons.  Our residents love working with us and learning things that other podiatrists don’t teach them.

Going forward we will try to write a little bit here and there and talk about podiatry and anything else that comes to mind.  Being our first post I doubt many people will see this, but hopefully we’ll build a following.  Please feel free to email us and comment.  We will write back.

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